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PRFM August Vendors


1. The Archive- Vinyl Records/DVDS

2. Steve Gonsalves- Paranormal Investigator/Meet and Greet

3. Gabi Ghoul- Artisan Bread

4. Along the Spectrum- Original Artwork

5. Vintage Spooky– Halloween/Monster Decorations

6. Castle Rock Farm- Speciality Cut Flowers

7. Zippy Pets- Pet Accessories

8. Delicate Dead Things- Taxidermy

9. My Print Shop Live-PRFM Gear Live Screen Printing

10. Candle Witch- Spooky Soywax Candles

11. Two Knotty Hippies- Jewelry,Hanging Decor

12. BPArt- Original Artwork

13. JQ Clay- Pottery

14. The Drunk Alpaca- Craft Beer Infused Snacks ]

15. Shaded Whimsey- Private Yoga Studio

16. The Creepy Coroner- Bone Art/Moon Wreaths

17. Slime N Grime- Clothing/sculptures

18. KT Kustomz- Original Artwork

19. Mystify- Metaphysical Items

20. Neat Sweets- Sugar Cookies

21. Scream & Sugar- Horror/Occult Soap/Bath Items

22. New England Obscura- Absolute Nonsense and Oddities

23. DeadGirl Art- Original Artwork

24. Ink and Grain- Handmade Fountain Pens/Lights

25. Deja Vudu Vintage- Antiques/Vintage Items ()

26. Redscroll Records- Vinyl Records (2 spaces)

27. Clovers Pig Preserve- Snout Paintings/Piggy Merch

28. The Prospector Theater- Gourmet Popcorn

29. Cosmic Cowgirl- Vintage Clothing/Housewares (2 spaces)

30. Forbidden Forest Art- Pottery and Illustrations

31. Art of MRB- Original Artwork

32. She’s Crafty- Beer Can Candles

33. Stonefly Studios- Butterfly/Insect Displays

34. Clairvoyant Crafts- Pagan Witchy Items

35. Jinxed- Alternative Streetwear

36. Bone of the Banshee- Oddities/Taxidermy

37. Jennifer's Plant Stand- House plants/air plants/succulents

38. Sit Paw Play Bakery- Dog Treats

39. KellzSpellz- Crystals/Tarot Decks

40. Honey Hedgecraft- Cold Process Soaps/Artwork

41. That's Cool I Need It- Custom Action Figures, Gaming accessories

42. JerseyGhoul- Original Artwork

43. Queerly Departed- Witchy, Occult Neurodiverse Positivism items

44. Cloak and Dagger Coffee- Speciality Coffee Beans

45. The Magic Thrift Bus- Vintage Toys/Homegoods

46. Haunted Image- Original Artwork

47. Gails Enchanted Oasis- One of a kind items

48. The Cottage Wicks- Candles

49. Wake the Devil- Stickers/Keychains/Bags

50. Ladybones- Jewelry

51. Pinky Witch Art- Resin Jewelry/CrossStitch

52. Dead End Threads- Clothing/Wallets/Patches

53. Gravesteins- Pottery

54. Typsy Gypsy- Jewelry/Crystals (2 spaces)

55. Potions Salon and Boutique- Bath and Body Items/Crochet Items

56. Creations by Ree- Oddity Entomology

57. Artistic Natural Elements- Handcrafted Wooden Items

58. Fuzzys Treasures- Vintage Clothing and Toys

59. Nutmeg State Vintage- Vintage Housewares/Novelty Items

60. A Bone to Pick- Jewelry and Mixed Media Art

61. Sherri T Designs- Plush Toys/Pins

62. Frail Limb Oddities- Wet Specimens

63. Wankes Yankee- Hot Sauce/Rubs

64. Vintage Lake House- Vintage Decor and Furniture

65. Coast Art Shop- Handmade Coasters

66. The BQE- Photography

67. Heart Bat Studio- Patches/Pins

68. Braindead Customs- Horror Apparel

69. Scorpius- Crystals

70. Errant Home Thrifts- Vintage Home Goods/Decor

71. Smudge Books- Self Published Books/Artwork

72. Endurivinna Cycles- Taxidermy

73. StarfirexEarthship- Home decor/Novelty Gifts

74. FEM Shop- Queer/Feminist Sex Education

75. Bad Bitches Pop Shop- Ice Pops

76. Brown Brothers Haunting House- True Crime Podcast

77. EclectiLily- Crystals and Crocheted Items

78. Moon Eyed Hare- Original Artwork

79. Dreaded By Mel- Beads/Hair Wraps

80. Jeffery Smith- Horror/Novelty Halloween Masks

81. Charmed by Wendy- Jewelry

82. Jade and Geodes- Pop Culture/Shaped Crystals

83. Mad Lab Studios- Perfume Shop

84. Hungry Reaper Farm

85. Trash American Style- The OG Vinyl Record Peddler

86. Beaver Pond Shop- LGBTQ+/Witchy pottery and illustrator

87. The Ravens Mark- Original Artwork

88. Renewal by Andersen- In-Home Consults Replacement Windows

89. Noize in the Attic- New and Used Vinyl Records/Cds/DVDS

90. BitchesLoveStitchin- Pop Culture Cross Stitch Items

91. Fae Treasures - Insects Art

92. NEON SOL- Yoga Accessories

93. Recrearme- Polymer Earrings/Pins

94. Peaches and Plums Fiber- Crocheted Items

95. Cursed Objects Vintage- Vintage Clothing/Accessories

96. TheCBGGurus- Hemp Flowers/Honey

97. JG Jewelry Shoppe- Jewelry

98. Fragile Beauty Stained Glass- Stained Glass

99. Eliza Kingsbury Art- Original Artwork/Tarot Decks

100. Gare Occult- Horror Author

101. Some Nerds Closet- Nerd Culture Novelty Items

102. A Couple 2 Tree- Handcrafted Wood and Resin Art

103. The Crafty Druid- Nerdy/Spooky Accessories

104. Modern Wickcraft- Candles

105. Sinister Sips- Custom Tumbler

106. Kat Moon Crystals- Crystals

107. Sunlight Artistry- Custom Stained Glass Artwork

108. Fior Rodriguez Art- Prints/Sculptures

109. Steepy Hollow Teas- High Quality Tee/Accessories

110. Rogers Original Creations- Mounted Insects

111. JustinWDraws- Original Artwork

112. Mondo Books- Used/Rare Books (2 space)

113. SlothxPoop- Novelty Items

114. Thornapple Designs- Sun catcher, various items

115. Root Spirit- Wallets/Purses

116. Weirdo Wonderland- Halloween and Horror Decor & Collectibles

117. Life of Sin Vintage- Vintage Items

118. Silver Silva Designs- Shirts/Stickers

119. Demon Daisy- Original Artwork

120. Roandco Designs- Steampunk Jewelry

121. Roska Upholstery- Pillows/Curtains/ Purses

122. From Zory With Love- Trinkets/Novelty Items

123. Kat Moon Crystals- Aura Crystals

124. Marissa Asal Art- Original Artwork/Limited giclee prints

125. ElaineintheSun- Handmade Embroidered Items/Bags

126. Kellys Creations- Tumblers/Car Coasters

127. Thrift Haven Heat- Vintage Clothing & Items

128. Loo Wax- Skate Wax/Custom Clothing

129. The Vintage Skull- Horror/Pop Culture Wooden Signs

130. Weird Media- Vinyl Records/Media Items

131. Low Down Dirty Apparel - Brand Clothing

132. Pawpetual Pins- Adorable Pins/Accessories

133. Orb of Isis- Oil Paintings based on 90s Culture 1

34. Eyes on Watertown- Sunglasses/Accessories

135. Nostromo Apparel- Branded Clothing

136. Look What the Cat Dragged In- Unique Thrift Finds

137. ARK Atelier & Co- Ceramics/Prints

138. Fuzed-Permanent Jewelry

139. Chrissy's Creations- Beaded Keychains/Wreaths

140. Terry Thunder Durante- Swarovski Crystal Skulls

141. The Savage! Beat Records- Records

142. Sticks and Stones Boutique- Spooky Sweatshirts/Mystery Boxes for D.A Shelters

143. Smiling Donkey Co- Cruelty Free Bath/Skin Care Products

144. Angela Marie- Intuitive Astrologer

145. Angela Marie- Intuitive Astrologer (Booth 2)

146. Body Energy Center- Reiki/ Past Life Regression

147. Karn McKane- Medium

148. Explore Tara’ Chi LLC- Psychic Clairvoyant / Reiki Master

149. Curioporium- The Strange and Unusual Experience

150. Tacos for Tulum- Mexican/Bodega Cuisine

151. Keifer's Kettle Korn- Kettle Corn, Italian Ice

152. Dope Fried Food- Dope Fried Food

153. Chick Magnet- Loaded French Fries and Chicken Tenders

154. Fork in the Road- Sandwiches and Sides

155. Eli Cannons - Bar Food

156. Cousins Maine Lobster- Lobster Rolls

157. Hardcore Sweet Bakery - Desserts

158. Chompers- Crunchy Balls of Goodness

159. Crave Food Truck- Pernil Sandwiches and More!

160. Mamoun's- Middle Eastern Food

161. Bethlehem Lions Clubs- Burgers/ Hot Dogs

162. Bethlehem Fire Department- Fried Dough

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